Celeste / marble + osier

100% natural wicker,
Portuguese marble from
Estremoz and oak veneer.

Marble in polished finishing
and oak veneer in colourless
matt varnish.

Size & weight
Length: 40 cm / 15.7″
Depth: 34 cm / 13.4″
Height: 55 cm / 21.6″
Weight: 48 kg / 106 lbs.

Other Options
Available soon.

Arranged with the client.





Inspired by a peasant, we developed the Celeste table. It is composed of a wicker basket that rests on a marble cylinder finished off with a half-sphere. The coffee table represents a strong character that carries the basket on her back with the effort of her work. Thus, in an apparent balance challenge, the two simple geometric shapes are joined into a distinctive design that pays tribute to the farmworkers.

Produced in the north of Portugal, the wicker basket is born by the hands of a local basket maker who weaves these more or less rigid vegetable fibres. Its tracery gives lightness and subtlety to Celeste, revealing the craftsman’s mastery and the Designer’s enjoyment in giving it functionality and beauty. The Portuguese marble from Estremoz connects us to the land and its generosity in a geological poem.




Christophe de Sousa, Franco-Portuguese Designer, is the first to be invited to design for DAM. He borns in France and returned to live in Portugal – the country of his parents – at a young age. From an early age, he showed a passion and a skill for drawing. He studied Industrial Design, graduating at the Universidade Lusíada in Porto. Soon after he starts collaborating with companies from different sectors and received several international awards. In 2017, he founded his own studio in Porto. Persistent and born observant, he is now recognized as one of the most prestigious designers of his generation in Portugal. In this challenge, he brings new materials, technologies and memories to our brand.