Martins / Sleepy Green

Oak wood veneer (frame and
drawers) and solid ash (feet).

‘Cold white’ matt varnish (drawers,
feet and support’s lamp) and ‘sleepy
green’ matt varnish (frame).

Size & weight
Height: 106 cm / 41.7″
Lenght: 50 cm / 19.7″
Depth: 54 cm / 19.7″
Weight: 35 kg / 77.2 Ibs.

Other colours
Natural, ‘Retro Pink’, ‘Light Grey’,
‘Baby Blue’, ‘Soft Green’, ‘Dry Yellow’.

Arranged with the client.




Martins are happy siamese twins. They are very similar, but one of them is hungrier and is always
with his mouth open, which allows you to store your bigger items.This tall chest is lined with wallpaper with illustrations of the characters’ belongings. It is destined for indoors, can be produced in different colours and can adapt itself to children, youngsters and adults.




Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro, Joana Santos and Hugo Silva are the resident Designers. Their areas of intervention include equipment, graphic and web interface design and they develop integrated Design solutions, involving strategic thinking, technology and identity.

Joana has a special taste for graphic design and craftwork and her work process has always a practical approach. Hugo does not relieve the sketchbook and seeks inspiration in the everyday things to his drawings. Together, they develop narratives and explore emotions through colours, forms, technologies and materials. The result are products with more than what meets the eye – each piece has its singular details, its own story and an ecological approach.